CSBS&C History Celebration Project

We are excited to announce the near completion of our 25th Anniversary Celebration book! After a quarter of a century at CSBS&C, it is time to pause and reflect. It is time to stand in the doorway, looking back to see the hand of God at work. Here is a sneak preview, featuring the opening lines of Dr. Karen Bullock's carefully researched account of the past twenty-five years...
"Standing atop the windswept hill overlooking the Bow River Valley, and surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary in Cochrane, Alberta, bears witness to God’s provision and bounty. In its twenty-fifth year of growth, the Seminary pauses to celebrate the work of God. For more than sixty years, Baptists in Canada worked toward, prayed for, and envisioned, a place where ministers called in Canada, trained in Canada, and ministering to Canadian churches, would become a reality. In thanksgiving to God, the story of God’s grace among Canadian Baptists is retold in these brief pages. The setting for this tale is the land of soul-swelling, inexpressible beauty called Canada."
Dr. Karen Bullock in CSBS&C History and Development: 1987-2012
In order to complete the project that celebrates the last twenty-five years, we've collected, scanned, and uploaded over 200 pictures online. It's sort of a photo-scavenger hunt... we need your help identifying people and places that we've captured over the years!

Here's how you can help...
  1. Press on the picture below where you can see all of the pictures, with corresponding numbers:
  2. Email the CSBS&C Development Office so we can give you access to an online spreadsheet that you can help us fill-in. Apart from identifying people and places, you get to create your own potential captions, and write about memories you associate with each picture!
  3. Share with others friends and family of CSBS&C!