Canadian Baptist College

Canadian Baptist College (CBC) is committed to providing high quality teaching in a warm, supportive environment both for students well on their way to Christian service and for those just beginning to discover who they are in Christ. Gaining knowledge, developing skills, and being shaped in Christian character are all part of the experience at CBC.

This fall all college courses are being offered through our NEW HyFlex educational model is designed with flexibility and student choice in mind. These courses will be taught both face-to-face and online (via Zoom) by the same instructor at the same time. With the instructor’s permission, students can move between these two “sections” as necessary without any additional cost. So for those longing to be back in community with their classmates in person, the doors are open. Others who prefer to stay at home for now, or who become symptomatic during the semester and need to quarantine, can join their classes from the privacy of their homes.

Canadian Baptist College offers two fully accredited degree programs.

  1. The 4-year Bachelor of Christian Studies helps high school graduates to grow and mature in their faith and to clarify God’s calling for their lives. This degree also lays a strong foundation for students who intend to pursue seminary studies after college.
  2. The 3-year Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree prepares mature students (22 years and older) to serve the Lord in a variety of Christian ministries.

Students interested in shorter programs of study have several options as well. Depending on whether they are seeking ministry preparation or simply wanting to study the Bible and the Christian faith, they might choose one of the 2-year diplomas. High school graduates looking for a 1-year gap program will benefit from the Samuel Program. Mature students (22 years and older) may apply for the 24 credit hour Certificate of Christian Studies. Additionally, qualifying grade 10 and grade 11 high school students can now take courses through the CBC Dual Enrolment program (see below for details).

Because of the integrated design of our academic programs, students can easily transfer between them without losing hard-earned credits. All of the college programs have three basic components. The first of these, biblical and theological studies, provides a solid grounding for students’ faith. The second, general studies, exposes students to the broad range of knowledge necessary for well-rounded leaders in today’s world. Integrating biblical and general studies equips students in developing a biblical world view and establishes a frame of reference for living out their Christian faith. Depending on the program, the third component consists either of applied ministry skills (BCMin) or a range of Christian studies (BCS).

The common thread running through all three of these components is spiritual formation, the development of Christ-like character. As followers of Christ, it is essential that we bring every aspect of life under His lordship.

High School Dual Enrolment Program

The Dual Enrolment Program at Canadian Baptist College is offered to grade 11 and grade 12 high school students. These students can be in public school, private school, or homeschooled. Thus, upon completion of college courses, students may receive both high school and college credits.

Applying students must:

  • Be currently enrolled in high school
  • Have an outstanding high school record
  • Show proof of completion of grade 10
  • Be at least 16 years of age.

Interested students should contact the Registrar to inquire about upcoming courses being offered in the Dual Enrolment Program.

Restrictions and Expectations

Grade 11 students are permitted to enroll in one 3 credit-hour course per semester, and grade 12 students are permitted to enroll in up to two 3 credit-hour course per semester. All students taking courses at CBC are expected to demonstrate Christian behaviour and character and abide by the policies of the school’s student handbook.

All courses are fully accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education and can be applied towards any academic program at CBC. Students are responsible for assuring that their high school programs will accept credits from Canadian Baptist College. It is also the responsibility of the student to determine whether another college or university will accept these transfer credits, if (s)he plans to continue studying at another school in the future.