One Week Courses

May 6-10 - 9:00am-4:00pm

Instructor:  Jimmy Cobb

This course offers students an opportunity to see how Christian theology and ethics are interwoven and indispensable to each other as exemplified by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the most quoted theologian of the 20th century. Though he lived in the first half of that century, Bonhoeffer’s life and theology yet raise pressing issues we currently face, such as the how church must be centered in Christ, how Christology must be the pivot of daily living, the political involvement of Christians, just war, violence by Christians, truth-telling, the urgency of cross-bearing discipleship, and how God can bring good out of evil. Seeing how Bonhoeffer personally dealt with these issues can be helpful to Christians who want to be faithful to Christ today.

May 27-31 - 9:00am-4:00pm

Instructor:  Dr. Luke Stamps

This course explores the biblical basis, historical development, theological concepts, and practical relevance of the doctrine of the Trinity.

Spring College Classes (January 14 - April 26, 2019)

Please note this schedule is subject to change.

Monday: 10:00am - 11:30am

Instructor:  (Journey Group)

The purpose of this course is to provide for small-group accountability in the student’s first two semesters. This course addresses adjustment to college life as well as learning how to know and do God’s will. Required for all first year non-ministerial students.

Monday: 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Instructor:  Elaine Phillips

This course will give students the opportunity to practice academic writing at an intermediate level. Special emphasis will be given to peer and professor editing. This course will also introduce students to the fundamental ideas of critical reading. Required for all first year students.  (Prerequisite for this course is 1L3311 English Composition 101.)

Instructor:  Dr. Glen Watson

This course is an introduction to pastoral ministries from the biblical perspective. Emphasis will be given to the role and responsibilities of the pastor in the local church, including pastoral care, administration, and public ministry roles – all growing from a foundation of personal call and intentional living in relation to God and to the church community.

Instructor:  Dr. Don McNaughton

This course focuses on developing a core set of interviewing microskills critically important for interpersonal work in ministry and other helping professions. Attention will be given to establishing expertise with skills and techniques which enable effective communication and the building of relationships. Extensive practice both in and outside the classroom will serve to further the student’s competence. (Prerequisite for this course is 1C1311 Intro to Psychology & Counselling) 

Instructor: Dr. Steve Parsons

This course is a survey of the basic history, culture, geography, and archaeology of the biblical world.

Instructor:  Dr. Calvin Morris

This course is a survey of the New Testament focusing on the background and major teachings of each book.

Instructor:  Dr. Peacock

An exegetical and theological interpretation of the Old Testament book of Exodus.

Instructor:  Dr. Charping

This course introduces students to a basic theological method and addresses the major Christian beliefs of God, humanity, Christology, Holy Spirit, salvation, church and last things.

Instructor:  Elaine Philips

Description: This course introduces students to select literature by focusing on the historical background of each work as well as the life and times of individual authors.

Instructor:  Dr. Dan Morgan

This course introduces students to a biblical understanding of missions as a priority for the individual Christian as well as for the church. Emphasis will be placed on developing a biblical theology of missions, addressing the church’s missions mandates, and an individual Christian’s awareness of and sensitivity to involvement in global missions. The role of church planting in the global missions effort will also be addressed.