Fall College Class Schedule (August 26-December 7, 2019)

Please note this schedule is subject to change.

Monday: 10:00am - 11:30am

Instructor:  (Journey Group)

The purpose of this course is to provide for small-group accountability in the student’s first two semesters. This course addresses adjustment to college life as well as learning how to know and do God’s will. Required for all first year non-ministerial students.

Monday: 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Instructor:  Elaine Phillips

This course is designed to assist students in writing university-level papers and covers the essential elements of composition including basic grammar, sentence and paragraph structure. Required for all first-year students.

Instructor:  Dr. Kevin Peacock

This course equips Christian leaders to help others become fully devoted Christ followers. Emphasis is placed on teaching principles and methods, selecting/developing biblically based content, and leading small groups in a variety of contexts.

Instructor:  Tamara Mitton

This course will explore the historical setting and content of Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians. It will equip the student to examine and understand Paul’s letters in its original setting and to identify and apply relevant application for personal growth and ministry.

Instructor: Dr. Mick Stockwell – Lead Trainer of the International Mission Board (IMB) for missionaries who work with European People Groups.

Practical training for entering a new ministry, a new place, planting a church, or international missions.

Learn what to do in various stages of ministry including Entry-Evangelism-Multiplying Disciples, and Training Leaders.

Learn from the basic training used to reach Post Modern-Post Christians

Instructor:  Dr. Susan Booth

This course is an introduction to the books of the Old Testament with special reference to their contents and major teachings.

Instructor:  Elaine Phillips

This course is designed to help students write effective research papers utilizing critical thinking skills at the university level. Emphasis will also be given to finding appropriate resources, conducting proper research, and observing citation conventions. Prerequisites for this course are 1L3311 English Composition 101 and 1L3313 English Composition 102.

Instructor:  Elaine Phillips

Explore Christian themes in art, architecture and the movies. Journey with us as we discover priceless Christian paintings from the early church to the Renaissance, explore the great churches and cathedrals of the world, and examine Christian themes in epic movies of our own time. Travel with us from the Holy Land through Europe to Hollywood without leaving the classroom!

Instructor:  Online through Learning Solutions

This course is designed to help the student develop a basic appreciation of music. This course will examine three primary disciplines of music: the psychology of music, a historical survey of western music, and an introduction to ethnomusicology.

Instructor:  Robin Phillips

This course surveys the history of Western Civilization from the ancient Greeks and Romans up to the era of the Renaissance and Reformation.

Instructor:  Dr. Karen Bullock

This course is a survey of the nearly 2000 years of the Christian Church, including origins, historical and theological developments, major personalities, and denominational identifiers around the globe. Special attention will be given to ways this heritage affects both Baptists and other churches founded upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Instructor:  Dr. Calvin Morris

This course is designed to help students broaden and deepen both their understanding and practice of prayer. This course will consider biblical, personal, and corporate aspects of prayer