One Week Courses (aka Intensives)

These courses allow students to study a single subject and complete a course that is normally spread over an entire semester in just one week (Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon).

This format makes study possible for some who work full-time, but who are able to schedule a week off in order to attend classes. Additionally, distance students can meet the residency requirement for our ministry degrees by coming for a week at a time, rather than have to leave their workplace or ministry setting and relocate to Cochrane.

Such an approach to teaching also opens the door for the school to invite top notch scholars at other schools, who would not otherwise be able to teach on our campus. It can feel like the pace of learning is fast, but it is also rich and rewarding!

May 7 - 11, 2018 (9:00 am-Noon)

Instructor:  Dr. Calvin Morris

An exegetical and devotional study of Psalm 119, Living in God’s Word. Students will experience the transforming impact of God’s revelation through personal study, small group study, and large group study of Psalm 119.

Course fee: $50.00 (Audit) | $355.00 (College Credit) | $395.00 (Seminary Credit)

Register:  email or call (403) 932-6622, ext. 221

Instructor:  Dr. Rob Blackaby

This course examines how to address planning and administration needs within an established church, a church start, or Christian ministry.  Emphasis will be given to planning, organizing, providing resources, establishing administrative guidelines, and developing skills in evaluation for continued ministry growth and effectiveness.

Course fee: $100 (Audit) | $790 (Seminary Credit)

Register:  email or call (403) 932-6622, ext. 221

Instructor:  Dr. Tawa Anderson

This course introduces students to the study and practice of apologetics in contemporary settings. The history of Christian apologetics as well as more recent approaches and styles will be addressed.  Key apologetic issues will be addressed within the context of biblical revelation and current cultural and philosophical perspectives. Students will evaluate their own apologetic perspective in light of contemporary demands and concerns.

Course Fee:  $100 (Audit) | $790.00 (Seminary Credit)

Register:  email or call (403) 932-6622, ext. 221

Instructors:  Dr. Tim McKnight & Dr. Dan Morgan

This class will examine how the current generation of Christ followers in university can become a vital part of planting churches to reach their peers as they move out of university and into the work force.  The class will explore strategies of engaging this generation for evangelism and the nuts and bolts of effective church starting in North America.

Course Fees:  $100 (Audit) | $710 (College Credit) $790.00  (Seminary Credit)

Register:  email or call (403) 932-6622, ext. 221