Online Learning

Learning Options

Under the permission granted by Alberta Health, we will have in-person on-campus classes in the fall! Naturally, there may be some students who would prefer to continue to study remotely, so we want to make that option available to them. New for Fall 2020, we are very pleased to announce that we will be pilot testing two (2) course delivery methods in the coming semester. As an added perk there will be NO TECH FEE this semester.


The HyFlex educational model is designed with flexibility and student choice in mind. These courses will be taught both face-to-face and online (via Zoom) by the same instructor at the same time. With the instructor’s permission, students can move between these two “sections” as necessary without any additional cost. For those who prefer to stay at home for now, or who become symptomatic during the semester and need to quarantine they can join classes from the privacy of their homes.


At the seminary level, we will also be pilot testing a number of “HyperFlex” courses this fall. The HyperFlex model is just like the HyFlex model but goes one step further. In addition to the in-person and Zoom options, HyperFlex will include an asynchronous option for students who cannot join the class in real-time (what we have previously referred to as “Online FLEX”). Live class sessions will be recorded and uploaded for students to watch at another time. These students will be integrated into a single course with the same instructor as the other enrolled students. As we increase the number of HyperFlex course offerings, distance students will be able to complete their degree programs more quickly than ever! In addition, there will be a couple of “Hybrid” seminary-level courses this coming semester, which include a combination of both online modular learning and on-campus components. Students can check the syllabi for details once they are posted.