Online Learning

Online FLEX

Student can also choose the “Flex” option, through our online learning platform, Students can study from anywhere in the world where they can find access to the internet. In each course, an online learning community is formed through discussion boards (threaded discussion), chat-rooms, collaborative online student group projects, weekly faculty monitoring of responses, the provision of online chapels with streamed audio, and orientations to help the students feel part of the CSBS community.

Online LIVE

Students who choose the “Live” option have the opportunity to attend real time classes remotely and participate in class discussions. Remote students must have access to stable high speed internet as well as a webcam and microphone, because they will be expected to participate in the course just like students in the physical classroom. Select courses are offered each semester.

Online Masters Level Programs

The Master of Biblical Studies (MBS) and Master of Christian Studies (MCS) degree program are academic degrees that students are able to take 100% online.

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Master of Christian Ministry (MCMin) programs are vocational ministry degrees that students are required to complete a third of their degree on campus. As an option, on-campus courses can be taken during one week intensive courses offered in January and May/June. These courses provide students an opportunity to meet other classmates, faculty, and staff face to face. Students can remain in their ministry settings and still complete the entire MDiv or MCMin degree.

We offer a master's degree through FLEX and LIVE online.
Earn your master's degree online.