Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary

Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary offers four Master’s level degree programs, designed to prepare students for ministerial leadership and two oriented towards general theological studies. The ministerial leadership degrees are the Master of Divinity (92 credit hours) and the Master of Christian Ministry (60 credit hours). Both of these degrees can be earned either fully on campus or by online learning (2/3 online and 1/3 through one week intensive on-campus courses).

The general theological studies degrees are the Master of Biblical Studies and the Master of Christian Studies. Both degrees are 48 credit hours, and both can be earned either on campus or 100% online.

Prior to enrolling in the seminary applicants must have successfully earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Degrees from unaccredited schools will be considered on an individual basis.

Whether preparing to serve the Lord in some vocational ministry or just deepening their own knowledge and appreciation of the Christian faith, on campus or in a virtual classroom, students learn in a community that values academic excellence, practical training, and commitment to Christ as Lord.

Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary Graduates

Pre-Seminary Study

The Association of Theological Schools recommends the following guidelines to its member schools to offer as counsel for students who are preparing for graduate-level seminary studies:

  1. Schools should require evidence that a student has developed to a satisfactory degree the ability to think independently, to communicate effectively, and to do research.
  2. Students should possess a basic general knowledge of past and present culture through studies in the humanities and in the natural and social sciences.
  3. The biblical languages are useful tools which may be acquired in the pre-seminary period. Other language study may also be helpful, including modern languages such as German, French, and Spanish.
  4. Generally speaking, it is desirable that applicants have some study in each of the areas listed below:
    • English, Speech
    • History, Geography, Cultural Studies
    • Philosophy, Ethics
    • Social Sciences, Psychology
    • Management
    • Fine Arts (Music, Art, Drama, Cinema)
    • Natural Sciences
    • Mathematics, Statistics
    • Modern Foreign Languages
    • Biblical Studies
    • Religious Studies (History, Theology, Ministry)
    • Biblical and Classical Languages
    • Professional Studies

Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary strongly encourages students to consider ministry within a bivocational context. Therefore, undergraduate training which produces a “marketable” skill is advantageous for a variety of ministry applications.

The Office of Admissions is available to counsel with prospective students about their course of study at any stage of their undergraduate career.