Fall Seminary Class Schedule (August 31 - December 18, 2019)

Please note this schedule is subject to change.

All of our seminary courses will be offered through a combination of HyFlex, HyperFlex, and Hybrid options. See our online learning page for more details. Contact our Registrar for more details on courses and to register for any of these courses today.

Instructor:  Dr. Kevin Peacock

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of biblical Hebrew, including vocabulary, pronunciation, basic grammar, and syntax.

Instructor:  Dr. Kevin Peacock

An exegetical and theological interpretation of the Old Testament book of Joshua, which tells the story of God’s chosen people claiming the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua. Important themes of the book include: God’s promise of an inheritance for His people; the importance of covenant obedience; what it means to be the people of God; following God’s chosen leader; and claiming God’s kingdom against enemies who would thwart it.

Instructor:  Dr. Steve Booth

New Testament I focuses on the world out of which the New Testament arose, the distinctives of the four Gospels, and the life and ministry of Jesus.

Instructor: Dr. Susan Booth

This course traces the biblical theological theme of God’s presence across the canon, observing it through a missional lens. The course will also examine the implications of this theme for Christian life and witness.

Instructor:  Dr. Kevin Peacock

Old Testament I and II provide an introduction to each book of the Old Testament, with special reference to its background, history, contents, and major teachings. Old Testament I includes a study of the books of the Law and the Historical Books (Genesis – Esther).

Instructor:  Dr. Don McNaughton

This course examines the nature and dynamics of both personal and organizational conflicts. It will offer an approach to conflict resolution that is sensitive to the character and purposes of God. The course will include a focus on administrative and relational skills applicable to personal or church conflict situations.

Instructor:  Dr. Glenn Watson

This course provides principles of sermon preparation and delivery, selection and interpretation of the text, formation of the sermon idea, development of sermon material, arrangement of the sermon structure, and delivery of the sermon. The prerequisite for this course is 2B3311 Biblical Interpretation.

Instructor:  Dr. Keith Whitfield

Christian Theology I is designed to introduce students to the field of systematic theology and offer an overview of core Christian beliefs including Bibliology, Theology Proper, Anthropology, and Christology.

Instructor:  Dr. Ken Gore

The book of Job pursues the question of the quality of a person’s faith in God in the midst of a life of joy and suffering that a person cannot truly understand. Can God truly be trusted to govern a world marked by undeserved suffering and pain? Or is God to be trusted only in times of joy and blessing?