MCMIN - Missions & Church Planting

Degree Outcomes

  1. Graduates will have gained skills in studying and interpreting the Bible.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate a general understanding of Christian theology and ethics.
  3. Graduates will have gained skills in teaching and evangelism
  4. Graduates will have gained understanding in spiritual growth and leadership.
  5. Graduates will have gained an understanding of cross-cultural missions.
  6. Graduates will have gained skills in implementing church planting strategies.


  • Part-time
  • Full-time

Program Description

The MCMin (Missions and Church Planting) track is designed to equip leaders for missional ministry in hard places. It is well suited for those who are preparing to serve as church planters or missionaries, especially but not exclusively in urban centers. This track allows for the option of a field-based internship.

MCMin - Missions and Church Planting
Total credits hours MCMin Applied Ministry55
Biblical Studies
2B1311Old Testament I3
2B1312Old Testament II3
2B2311New Testament I3
2B2312New Testament II3
2B3213Biblical Interpretation2
Theological and Historical Studies
2T1311Christian Theology I3
2T1312Christian Theology II3
2T2311Christian Ethics3
Leadership and Missional Studies
2P3231Spiritual Leadership2
2E2311Effective Teaching
& Disciple-Making
2I1211Church Planting2
2I1211Models of Church Planting2
Missional Electives4
Character and Praxis
2P3215Spiritual Formation2
2C1243Dealing with Conflict2
2P2341Capstone Ministry I3
2P2342Capstone Ministry II3
Free Electives**10

**Free electives may include 8 credit hours of optional internship experience beyond the 4 hours of required Capstone Ministry I & II, depending on availability of internship opportunities.