Spring Seminary Class Schedule (January 13-April 24, 2020)

Please note this schedule is subject to change.

Instructor:  Dr. Steve Booth

This course is the second in a sequence which orients the student to the study of the Greek New Testament. Greek II is a continuation of Greek I, with an emphasis on translation of selected passages from the Greek New Testament. The course also serves as a foundation for exegetical study of the Greek New Testament.

The prerequisite to this course is 2L2311 Biblical Greek I.

Instructor:  Dr. Robert Bergen

An exegetical and theological interpretation of the Old Testament books of I and II Samuel.

Instructor:  Dr. Glenn Watson

This course will explore the call, the character, and the competencies needed for a shepherding ministry. Areas of study will include the integration of life through the filter of a pastoral vision and values, the practice of spiritual direction to individuals and families in life transitions, effective management and administration of ministry, and the exercise of public pastoral functions.

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Instructor:  Dr. Robert Bergen

An intensive study of selected passages in the Old Testament character of Abraham with an emphasis upon translation and exegesis based upon Hebrew grammar, vocabulary, and syntax.

Prerequisites for this course are 2L1311 Biblical Hebrew I and 2L1312 Biblical Hebrew II.

Instructor:  Dr. Karen Bullock

Designed as an introduction, this course surveys Christianity from its inception to its impact in the modern era. The student will have an opportunity to gain an overview of world events, issues, and personalities and their significance for the story of Christianity.

Instructor:  Dr. Susan Booth

This course examines the biblical theological theme of the mission of God and how evangelism is part of that mission. Students develop fluency in the gospel so that they can learn to share both their stories and the Story of the Bible. Assignments will require students to share the gospel and to outline a strategy for equipping others to witness. The course also includes an introduction to apologetics so that students may learn how to give basic, appropriate answers to the primary questions typically posed by those who are not yet believers.

Contact our school Registrar, Sue Smith. She’ll be happy to talk with you.