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Learn how to talk with others about Jesus

The overall mission of the church is to make disciples that make disciples (Matt. 28:19). This involves personal evangelism.

  • Do you find it hard to start Gospel conversations?
  • Have you ever felt like you are giving a pitch rather than having a conversation when it comes to talking about God?  
  • What are the essential things that you should cover to share the Gospel?

We want to help equip you for bringing others along that continuum of getting to understand and know who Jesus is.

Dr. Susan Booth

One of our faculty members, Dr. Susan Booth (Professor of Evangelism & Missions) has created a “God’s Story” framework that she uses to teach her evangelism courses in our seminary and college classes. This resource contains Biblical narrative of the gospel message that can be contextualized for your spiritual conversations. Understanding how most stories are shaped and how the story of the Bible is shaped is shown in two different diagrams. The shorthand of God’s Story with descriptions are given: Creation, Fall, Rescue, Restoration, and Response.    

On behalf of Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College and Dr. Susan Booth, we want to offer this resource FREE for you to use in your ministry or personal evangelism efforts. 

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Dr. Booth explains how she uses the “God’s Story tool” to share the Gospel.

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