Tuition and Fees

How it works

Payment for all tuition and fees per semester is due by Friday prior to the start of classes.

A deferred payment option is available by application only to on campus students, fully enrolled in a program at CSBS&C. A minimum payment of 25% of tuition & fees is required and a 5% payment plan fee will be collected at the point of application. Online students, occasional students and first semester on campus students are not eligible to apply for deferred payment.

Students will not be allowed to attend class if the above financial requirements are not met.

Students with unpaid balances at the end of a semester will not be permitted to write their final exams and grades will not be issued. In addition, these students cannot register for classes in the following semester.

Chronic financial problems may result in financial holds, suspension or expulsion of offending student.

Payment Methods

Preferred methods of payment are debit, cheque and cash at the business office as well as Interact e-Transfer; for instructions email

Payments by credit card are accepted through a third party called Plastiq (fees apply):

International Students

In compliance with Alberta Designation Requirements (ADR) CSBS&C is required to have ‘Phased Tuition Collection’ for all international (including US) students:

Payment of 25% of total tuition/fees is required on Friday, prior to the start of classes.
The second payment of an additional 25% of tuition/fees is due mid-semester (after 7 weeks when 50% of program benefit has been delivered).
The remainder of any outstanding balance of tuition/fees is payable on Friday, one week before final exam week.

All international (including US) students will submit and agree to the terms of an International Student Payment Plan on Friday, prior to the start of classes. This only relates to spring and fall semesters. Tuition for intensive courses is due in full the Friday before class begins.


There are no refunds for intensive courses after the start of class.

For the fall and spring semester students dropping a course(s) during the first two weeks of the semester will receive a refund of tuition & fees for the course(s) less a drop fee per change. Students dropping a course(s) after the end of the second week and prior to the end of the fourth week will receive a 50% refund of tuition. No refund will be made after the end of the fourth week of the semester.

Student Fees (Canadian Funds) - 2020-2021

Application fee (non-refundable):
    For Canadian students$50
    For International and U.S.A. students$150
    For occasional student applicants$20
Late application fee$100
Confirmation Deposit - due upon acceptance:
    For Canadian students$200
    For International and U.S.A. students$1500
Tuition fee per credit hour:
    Audit Fee (Seminary & College)$50
Student Life fee per credit hour (for library and other services outside the classroom offered to students)$25
Technology fee per credit hour
$30 (waved for Fall 2020)
Directed study fee per credit hour$75
Continuance fee per semester$100
Advanced standing testing fee$50
Degree program change fee$50
Non-refundable Registration Fee:
    Regular semester$30
    One week intensive$15
First year orientation fee (one time only)$100
Late registration fee$60
Course drop/add fee (per change)$25
Payment plan fee (for students using a deferred payment plan)
5% of outstanding balance
Graduation fee (in final semester)$150
Graduation fee for Certificate students (in final semester)$75
Transcripts (per copy)$15
Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change and do not include the cost of textbooks.